Pastors & Staff

  • Dr. David Pittman, Senior Pastor

    Dr. David Pittman is our Senior Pastor who has been with us for 35 years! Pastor Pittman absolutely loves our church people and has dedicated his life to helping them grow. That is evident through each of his sermons. 

  • Branden Lawrence, Assistant Pastor

    Branden is our assistant pastor and has served at Temple for 20 years! He is also our missions pastor, music pastor, head of AWANA, and head of VBS! Branden will always find a way to chose joy and see the bright side of things, and is such a fun person to know.

  • Scott devane, youth pastor

    Scott is our youth pastor and has been doing a tremendous job with our teens for the past 9 years. He and his wife, Christina, have led them to learn more about the Lord and how to keep Him at the center of their lives. His love and commitment for the teens is unmatched! 

  • Janet Pittman, office administrator

    As well as being our Pastor's wife, Janet serves as the church office administrator, helping bring organization and creativity to the office. 

  • Lance Listh, School Administrator

    After being one of our high school teachers for over 20 years, Lance has stepped into the role of school administrator. His love for the school and the students is evident in the way he handles every situation.