TBC YOuth program

The future of our church is our youth, so we believe in a significant investment in them of time and resources.

It starts with our leaders: Pastor Scott DeVane and his wife Christina led the group and have devoted their lives to our teens. They are enthusiastic and tireless workers for the cause of youth and we are blessed to have their talents (which include amazing musical talent as well.) We also have an incredible core of faithful adult youth workers:  Chase and Hannah Lund, Nathan and Erica Gardner, Sam Moore and others who pitch in and make the TBC Youth Group an exciting place.

Some aspects of the youth ministry are:


Every Wednesday during the school year there is a mega-nite (game time), teen visitation and meal, and then the service known as Teen Time. We have fantastic participation in this weekly program and we thank God for our teens who are so faithful to attend. Every effort is made to make this time enjoyable, practical and spiritually enriching. 


Girls volleyball, boys soccer and boys basketball. The teams play other Christian schools and participate in tournaments. Any teen who attends Teen Time can play on the team. There's no charge for being on the sports teams or for the uniforms or transportation! Good deal! 


This annual week of fun is one of the highlights of the year. This past year we took 60+ teens to camp and it was a  GREAT TIME. It's all about fun, spiritual encouragement, and lots of sports and fine arts competition. Usually, this wonderful week takes place at the end of June. 


For those who qualify, this can be a trip of a lifetime as we go to assist missionaries in their endeavor to spread the Gospel. This year's trip for those qualified: IRELAND. We've been to Jamaica, Spain, sw USA, Dominican Republic, Canada, etc.. You get the idea.


Oh, not much... OK there is QUITE A BIT!  There's a canoe trip each summer, a fall trip to the corn maze, a mid-Winter Retreat, trips to indoor playlands and outdoor amusement parks... there's always something fun to do on the calendar.  There are special trips for those who qualify in the IMPACT PROGRAM, which means these trips are earned. 

The program is designed to help youth spiritually, but there's plenty of fun and social activities to make it enjoyable along the way.